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Unsere Weltanschauung Unsere Weltanschauung

From the prestigious Russian label, UFA Muzak, Epoch teams with J Orrphic, and TSIDMZ to present Unsere Weltanschauung - the first collaboration from these martial industrial acts. Epoch is pleased to be in the company of these two artists andthis marks the first appearance of Epoch on another label.

Epoch Capitalism is the New Fascism Capitalism is the New Fascism T-Shirt

100% Cotton shirt with white imprint on a gray shirt. Exclusive design to Vuz Records, Dusiburg in their new Arbeitsgruppe Warme Oberbekleidung fashion line.


Manifesto Destiny

Manifesto Destiny + Epoch Patch

Proclaim your distrust of authority and wear dissension on your sleeve!

Limited to just ten copies, Manifesto Destiny contains the first 3 releases from Epoch, including Purity & Revolution, the international remix disc, [R]evolution and Sanctimonium in a custom black pocket cardboard jacket. Also included is the limited edition embroidered Epoch patch.



As events continue to evolve and magnify the obvious overreach of U.S. and its allies' influence in world affairs under the guise of the protection of democracy and freedom, the pompous lies and half-truths told by the politicians are beginning to unravel. Not that these events are new, but rather that the insidious nature of them are finally coming to light.

Sanctimonium T-Shirt Epoch "Sanctimonium" T-Shirt

Limited to just 24 shirts, featuring a one-colour design on a slate blue t-shirt

Volutio Volutio

German troublemaker VUZ Records, thru its imprint Basket’s Kitten, has immersed even deeper into the abysses of the sonic warfare of "Purity & Revolution" and commissioned four tonal deconstructions from fellow minds If, Bwana (USA), <dE/mutE> (Germany), Freiband (Netherlands) and N.fra (Germany) and has released them on a limited edition mini-CDr.

[R]evolution [R]evolution

An anthem to the corrupt nature of politics and economics, “Purity & Revolution” displayed a range of style and instrumentation from subtle neo-folk acoustic guitar, to powerful symphonic martial arrangements, to driving and distorted guitars. With “[R]evolution,” Epoch invited an equally diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from “Purity & Revolution.”

Epoch T-Shirt Epoch "Oppression Breeds Extremism" T-Shirt

Limited to just 12 shirts, featuring a one-colour design on a charcoal gray t-shirt

Epoch - Purity & Revolution Purity & Revolution

Purity & Revolution is the first full release from Epoch and represents of combination of acoustic guitar, raw crunchy metal and electronics that go from subtle to harsh.