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Epoch - Purity & Revolution
Purity & Revolution

Purity & Revolution is the first full release from Epoch and represents a combination of acoustic guitar, raw crunchy metal and electronics that go from subtle to harsh. Indeed, these elements can be found in single tracks, like "Capitalism is the New Fascism," while tracks like "Architects of the Third World and "W.T.O." go straight into full blown beats. Other tracks venture into symphonic and militaristic anthems that reflect the governmental extremism arising on American soil despite the dilution of democracy.

Purity & Revolution is available in two versions:

  • Standard Edition CD in digiwallet
  • Deluxe Limited Edition CD in digiwallet with 3 full colour postcards

Purity & Revolution Track List:

  • W.T.O.
  • Capitalism is the New Fascism
  • Architects of the Third World
  • False Hope, False Victory
  • Purity & Revolution
  • The Corporate State
  • Invisible Empire
  • Capitalism is the New Fascism [version]
  • March of the Revolution

48:50 running time

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