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Epoch - Sanctimonium

Epoch Volutio Limited Edition Mini CDr Pushes The Sonic Envelope

From Epoch's album, “Purity & Revolution,” a ripple effect has been generated, first with Carbon 12 Records releasing the remix Limited Edition CDr, “[R]evolution,” featuring a diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from the album.

And if this was not enough, German troublemaker VUZ Records, thru its imprint Basket’s Kitten, immersed even deeper into the abysses of sonic warfare and commissioned four tonal deconstructions from fellow minds If, Bwana (USA), <dE/mutE> (Germany), Freiband (Netherlands) and N.fra (Germany).

If, Bwana opens the little pest of a 3” tall CDr featuring four tracks - each inch more annoying than the other, with a dark tribute to the leaders of the past. <dE/mutE> reveals his relaxed, nevertheless sinister face with a more ambient approach, followed by the Dutch soundtwister Freiband tearing apart the original and leaving an acoustic skeleton. This tonal torture is finished off by N.fra from Germany, a very old project with a new guise, delivering a slow paced rhythm'n'drone piece of... well, can we still call it music?

4 tracks on 3 inches in 20 minutes - enough is enough.

Volutio Track List:
Bastet’s Kitten BK006 Limited Edition Mini-CDr - 100 copies

1. Eisentruhowerman (a remix) - If, Bwana
2. Capitalism dE/constructeD - <dE/mutE>
3. Love, Peace & Understanding [mix] - Freiband
4. Fine Profit (Exploitation Dance Mix) - N.fra

20:00 running time


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