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Alien E-Zine: Epoch - Purity & Revolution

Epoch is a project which has a subtitle of absolute radicalism. After seeing the sign of this project I thoughtthat it could be some third class martial industrial. The truth is that originality of this project literally dragged me down. CD hidden under postcards in a nice graphically processed digipack, is delivering strictness of styles, which you could barely belive they can connect, but they are connected almost revolutionary. Electronic and EBM rhythms with a soft martial lick are absorbed with various samples, ambient spaces, many orchestral insertions and of course occasional marches as introductions. The songs don´t have some drastic changes or transitions. Beat without alternation determinates rhythm the whole time, while around everything else tooks place. On the beat, with a calm head are connected melodies and other layers, which are escalating into a momentary peaceful level, and that makes the songs sound dynamic and it dramatizes the atmosphere which changes from one song to another. Hope, despair, enemy attack, fall into captivity and consecutive triumph. Epoch very imaginatively musicalized images of war. Especialy the song "Invisible Empire," which has the strongest atmpsphere in which the wracking strict electronics are surrounding the marching beat and the song outfalls into strong symphonic space.

Still I can´t get rid of the feeling that some songs have a good idea but are not tuned enough, they are missing something that could sound more dynamic. But that is a thing that is not throwing a shadow on the album´s concept. Anyway its a very interesting finding that is experimenting in a sophisticated way, while preserving its own face. A finding that is worth to listen.

Source: Alien E-Zine Review: Epoch - Purity & Revolution