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Alien E-Zine: Epoch - Sanctimonium

Already the first song suggest that the new Epoch will continue in uncompromising way of radical electronic in martial rhythm. While the predecessor was very strict and boisterous on the mood, Sanctimonium is held in one line, where the songs establish on themselves and creating a single unit, a story that has its own momentum, writing a war novel by itself. While Purity And Revolution was more about electronic experiments, in this album are melodic grounds dominant, in which the concept itself doesn't sound so energetic, but is headed more into melancholic and colder atmospheres. It's like the troops resigning on the enemy's attack and are reconciled with the fate. Epoch did basically an exemplar martial industrial where are the melodies and accompanying noises surrounding around never ending martial rhythms. I missed in concept of the album some dynamic bullet, but after few hearings i ve found it in its difference and in the end I was surprised by Epoch. It is not the type of project that is based on stereotypes and it is not afraid going beyond and you don't see (hear) it very often. Give Epoch a higher volume and grab your weapons.

Source: Alien E-Zine Review: Epoch - Purity & Revolution