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Brutal Resonance: Epoch - Purity & Revolution

I don't come across too much Martial Industrial when I review albums for the site, as I suppose it's a breed that isn't all too popular. Nonetheless, Epoch has come out with a fairly decent album that plays with the concept of the fallacies of capitalism, and pretty much taking down the ego of the fair 'Merican states. And it works well with the music and the samples situated within the tracks.

Just taking a look at the first song on the album just sets the mood for the rest of it. W.T.O. features a very old school marching tune with the vocals of singing men most likely walking towards a battle across the seas in WWII. And, right after, we are heading into a world of synths, drums, and light humming. Inbred into the song is also a lot of more military-esque chanting. It was a joy to listen to.

The second's song title pretty much furthers the somber tone of the rest of the alum, playing with a guitar and the militant chanting, while appropriately being titled, "Capitalism is the New Fascism". Other songs that continue to toy with this prominent note would be "Architect Of The Third World", "The Corporate State", and "Invisible Empire". However, with such sad sounds, almost a story is being told, ending off with "March Of The Revolution", suggesting that the path to purity, as the album title suggests, can only be obtained through revolution.

Instrumental albums are always tough; I'm sure that's been said quite a bit in other reviews before, but it is true. However, this album does a pretty good job at keeping you hooked, mainly through it's fair use of both old tunes restructured to fit within the songs, as well as the band blending in their own new age philosophies. It was refreshing to listen to, and I think I might replay it once more just for the sake of having a good time. Check it out, and buy it; the most expensive edition comes with post cards, and that's a neat little treat for all you listeners.

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